Monday, December 7, 2015

A BIG Thank You

                                                                                            Image from:owl-thank-you.png

I have recently done some web 2.0 tool exploring and happened upon a fun, delightful tool that could easily be used within the classroom to engage learners.  As I end this semester of school and my digital learning lessons come to a close, I was looking for a nice way to thank my professor and really let everyone know that digital learning is a worthwhile, engaging experience.  I used Go animate and easily made a fun video to showcase what this digital learning course has enabled me to do.    Technology is evolving every day and has become such a huge part of our society and daily lives, therefore, it is ignorant for an educator to think that the use of technology within the classroom can be ignored or discouraged.  It is my responsibility as a future teacher to model my lessons in digital learning and embrace, explore, and collaborate with technology to provide my students with positive, and diverse learning opportunities. 

Check out my Go Animate THANK YOU

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